Friday, 19 May 2017

Happy Belated New Year!!

Happy New Year! :D

Hello there and a Happy New Year!! I cant believe I am only just getting round to writing my first blog of 2017 in MAY!! A mixture of life's hurdles being thrown at the family and not having great technology I'm hoping to battle on and share what I've been up to so far!

So this year has been a slow start for me in the way of gardening, I've had it in the back of my mind "I must remember to sow X Y Z" and the next thing I know a week or another month has passed me by. Thankfully something clicked and I started to take some action! 
My first task was to do some weeding & general tidying up mainly in my front garden (my ongoing project).
After a good tidy up I planted up some summer flowering bulbs from Gladioli's & Freesia's to some Oxalis & Sparaxis. Since then I've enjoyed pottering around keeping up with weeding and managed to get some seeds sown! I love that feeling of excitement & anticipation when sowing such a tiny seed & being able to watch it transform into something beautiful, be it a flower or something edible. It's what makes it addictive for me, I watch over them everyday like babies & try protect them from the evil clutches of slugs/snails!! 

Summer Bulbs Loot
My babies!!

Cuppa whilst  Weeding

Ive also been a bit busy taking a few photos from around my garden. I had some lovely Tulips & Daffodils pop up to greet us in early spring & since then I've had the pleasure of Lewisia, Clematis & Solomon's Seal to name a few!


My biggest achievement so far is the success I'm having with my Vegtrug! I currently have some Elephant Garlic that's being growing well since the autumn. Eiffel Spring Onions are well on their way BUT my goodness me how amazing are PEA'S(Kelvedon wonder)!! Their little flowers are beautiful yet so magical when they turn into peapods! I cant wait to harvest some with my children & Hubby!!

With us edging closer to the busiest time of year in the gardeners calendar I'm discovering that its not too late to sow seeds. There is a massive variety to choose from such as Nasturtiums, Poppies, Lupin, Sweet Peas(don't forget the Sweetpea challenge!), Cosmos & Primula to name only a few. Pluck up some courage & a little time to have a go and grow from scratch. Watch them evolve & reward you in so many ways!!

Until Next Time 

N xx