Sunday, 9 July 2017

Put the breaks on!!

My goodness me where does the time go?! 

Since my visit to Gardeners World Live I just don't seem to have stopped much at all. Although it has all been great fun from exploring a local National Trust hall, making progress in the garden to even managing to run the fab Ali Brownlee 5k Riverside Run!!

A local piece of beauty!

For many of my childhood years I only lived a short distance away from Ormesby Hall, but I have never been along to discover what it has to offer. Sunday 25th June they held a free open day to all Teessiders and what a perfect opportunity it was to spend some of my birthday strolling around and taking in this beautiful hall with all its history and beautiful gardens. Even Hollie and Maximus enjoyed playing old fashioned games on the lawn and seeing how the house would have ran with all its staff. The gardens where stunning too with nothing overly fussy and natural looking borders it added to the calm and relaxing atmosphere. I will definitely be heading back there again.

Ormesby Hall

Practically living outdoors

The summer months become peak season for us keen gardeners and more often than not over the last few weeks I have been in mine pottering, planning and creating. A heavy drizzle wasn't going to stop me from weeding and tidying up the front garden either (even if the neighbours thought I was mad!). I finally got round to making up my hanging baskets which are just now starting to fill out nicely. I've even stepped up in the grow your own game. I was pleasantly surprised at how many veg varieties can still be sown this month. Having my fab little VegTrug has helped my confidence with growing veg and allows the kids to easily see the progress they make so we opted for some Dwarf French Beans and Dwarf Turnips. Don't be put off by the time of year you can grow some great veg for later pickings and can just use good sized pots/troughs. 

French Beans & Turnip
Hanging Basket all ready


Come and find me

Alongside this blog you can find me over on social media. I love to see what you all get up to in your own gardens and hope that I can encourage/inspire more to reconnect with your surroundings which will benefit you in so many ways and also give nature a helping hand. I would love to see you over there. You can ask me questions & I'll do my best to answer or share what has made you smile from your own gardens/spaces


Keep growing & nurturing

Until next time 

N x