Saturday, 26 August 2017

No rest for the wicked.

Ever since I began gardening 2 years ago I am astounded at how busy I constantly seem to be as each one goes by. Not that it's a bad thing necessarily but it is amazing at how much there is to do whether that be from sowing seeds and being their nurturing guardian, planning where to put plants or create new features to doing the usual maintenance jobs like cutting grass and weeding. 

With that said let me show you what I have been up to over the last few months in my own garden.

Dreams come true

I managed to get my hands on a very lovely little greenhouse that will change my gardening game forever! Its a 4x4 which was perfect for the space I had available and of course is perfect for all 4ft10" of me (think of me as a real garden fairy rather than a gnome haha!) I even put little personal touches to it with some gorgeous bunting made by my fabulous Mum and it also has some fairy lights in. Don't worry plants and growing take centre stage in there right now though with my Balconi Tomato plants doing incredibly well.

Protection Protection Protection!

With the greenhouse now in its perfect place my thoughts suddenly turned to worry over hoping not to hear the dreaded sounds of smashing. My garden is predominantly a playing garden thanks to the kids but they are now going to have to share it with me and seeing how footballs get volleyed around it I knew I had to guard my little sanctuary somehow! Queue some amazing DIY skills with a few pieces of wood and voilà, a lovely new solid trellis screen is now in place. 

But that's not all!

The great thing about gardening is there's always an opportunity to improve and develop our spaces. Now the trellis is in place I knew I could expand the original border. It wasn't exactly easy with discovering so much brick and having to knock as much out as possible but its now given me such a fantastic area to get creative and plant a wider variety of plants. I hadn't realised how small the space in the original border was and now understand why very little seemed to grow/survive. My brain is now overflowing with ideas of plant combinations and hopefully can bring some to life in time. 


There's more!!

I've always wanted to have some kind of water feature in the garden but for 2 reasons I've always put it off. The 1st I kept over thinking what to do and worrying it wasn't going to be enough and 2nd I didn't want anything too big (needed as much free space for the kids to play) so didn't have a good spot to dig down deep enough to house one, BUT a new wider border means I could do this now so I just threw myself into creating a mini pond. Its actually turned out quite OK and I'm hopeful that in time some amazing creatures will make very good use of it. It didn't cost me much to put together either (no more than £10) and really don't know why I worried so much in the first place! Every little helps, it doesn't have to be fancy and it doesn't have to cost the earth.

  15L Flexi tub £3.50 Plants 2 4 £4.99 Rocks,Gravel Rain Water FREE

So there you have it! A few little projects that have kept me going in between the weeding and the harvesting of some fantastic first homegrown crops. A gardeners work is truly never done but don't let that put you off having a go. Mind stimulation, being active and a huge sense of satisfaction from seeing things evolve from your own fair hands outweighs the hard work put in! Looks like I need to carry on being wicked!!

Until next time
N xx


  1. Lucky you with the greenhouse, and good idea with the trellis.
    I think that all gardens and plots should have a pond, even if it's only a small one. Happy gardening. xx

    1. Thanx Flighty :) That greenhouse is my new haven to hide from life in general lol! I've seen some wonderful examples of ponds on twitter and I've used a combination of inspirations 😁

  2. Brilliant, you multi-skilled person you (though I notice you practising your yoga while budding gardener does the building). Just keep an eye out for a change of sports to tennis, baseball or golf. :) You'll be surprised how quickly wildlife moves into the pond. Someone was blogging a few weeks ago about leaving a pot dish - you know, foot or so across, inch deep - with some water in and a frog appeared in no time.

    1. All my multi tasking requires some recomposure even if that means the little workers have to up their game 😜 I'm super excited to pond watch now it's like being a child again! X

  3. I find that creating a new garden involves a lot of work like you describe to begin with but after 3 years or so things settle down and there is a bit less frantic activity. But a garden is never finished as they say! It certainly doesn't stop me looking for shortcuts and ways to make life easier!

    1. I do love a good shortcut or time saver for sure & I love the twitter community for some amazing suggestions. I think I'll be busy busy for a few years at least hehe x