Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Wynyard Hall Gardens.
A Happy 2nd Birthday

So when Wynyard Hall Gardens opened their doors at the weekend to celebrate their second birthday, it was the perfect opportunity to pop along and see why this beautiful place is becoming ever popular.

On first impressions as soon as I walked through the door there was plenty for the eyes to feast upon with the gentle natural music of the water fountains. I headed along to the side path which were edged with beautiful pinks, purples and whites. The scent of lavender welcomes you in making you feel calm and relaxed. The borders were crammed full of Verbena Bonariensis, Scabious, Salvia, Stipa Tennuissima, Agapanthus and of course Roses. Wynyard Hall Gardens are renound for their huge collection of David Austen roses and have an impressive 3000 blooms on show!! You couldn't help but notice their pretty flower heads and gentle perfumes planted perfectly amongst the other plants so they were little mini show pieces all around. Tucked up the backs of the borders growing up the walls were luscious apple and pear tree's that almost enticed you in to pick a few! 

 More Walled Garden goodness

The central borders with winding paths that lead you to little blocks of flowery goodness, your senses literally pop with colours,textures and smells! Stacks of grasses are spattered with Astrantia, Cosmos, Lupins and Rudbeckia to name a few. There are some great structures within these parts that offered support to allow the climbing roses to be on show as well as giving some shade to allow for a different dimension to the planting schemes. There were some magnificent trees that lined the big water ponds and  brought some extra grandness to the garden. Whilst wandering around the walled garden you cant help but be taken in by the energetic sound of the bee's that were working hard and the beautiful dancing butterflies all feasting on the luscious nectar on offer to them. I loved how the garden had little tiers which were lined with fabulous waterfall features up the top to the pergolas in the centre followed by the circular fountains at the bottom.

 Edible Gardens

WOW! This has to be the prettiest 'allotment' I ever did see! Bountiful of delicious crops to salivate over. Currants, Rhubarb and Strawberries all side by side in one section. Pumpkins, Squashes and courgettes were guarded by soldiers of Sweetcorn and Sunflowers. The raised beds were stuffed with Cabbages, Broccolis, Parsnips, Leeks, Carrots, Chard, Lettuces and Beetroot. One of my favourite plots was the sea of Lavender species with accompanying Apple trees. What a beautiful sight and splendid smell!! The herb plots were cleverly planted into blocks of 1 herb per block but different varieties which made it more inviting to touch and smell. A wonderful walkway of arches entices you to stroll under and take in the lovely varieties of climbers such as Honeysuckle and Jasmine. Set to one side was a very colourful Sweet Pea wall. The  height was something to be admired (although being only 4'10 might add to that!) Surrounding the food beds were mixed borders of beautiful colour clashes between Achillea, Dahlias and Crocosmia to single out a few. You couldn't help but smile at the vibrancy they brought to the edible garden and very reminiscent of what you would find on a traditional allotment.

The Grand Marquee Garden

The stillness hits you immediately as soon as you pass under the arch. No water, No noisy rustles of grasses just gentle whispers of the trees that line the boundary. This part of the garden is definitely an escapism of all the energy you feel from the other gardens. It makes you stop and soak up the peace it offers you in abundance. With simple planting schemes of Sedum, Echinops and dainty Chinese Meadow Rue that edged the soft grass walkways it made you feel calm and relaxed as you floated around or sat at the tables outside the Grand Marquee itself.

A time to ponder!

After all the excitement of exploring it was time to have a rest in the lovely cafe (which the edible garden supplies!) Here my thoughts turned to how clever the gardens are split into their sections which offer happiness and energy from one to peace and tranquillity in the other. The way the atmosphere changes is very noticeable. 

The final word!

A visit to Wynyard Hall Gardens should be added to everyone's list of places to visit up in the North East. Ideal for all ages to stroll around (or roll around like Maximus did!) There is something for everyone here be it history or a little kids play area but regardless of whether you are interested in gardening or not you certainly will leave this place feeling like you can recreate a little piece of it back home, be that something pretty to look at or to dig up and eat!

Until next time
N x 


  1. A most enjoyable read and lovely pictures. You clearly had a wonderful time looking round these gardens, and I'm sure that it has given you lots to think about for your own.
    When you visit again try and go at a different time of year, such as spring or autumn, to see how the gardens look then.
    Well done on taking the time to write this post and sort out the pictures. Happy gardening! xx

    1. Thankyou very much Mike. I loved visiting here & soaking up all it's loveliness. I spoke to a chap who only visited a few weeks before & said the difference was huge! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog 😊