Saturday, 4 November 2017

Six on Saturday

After sitting on the sidelines for many months reading in on other peoples Six on Saturday posts and after a little encouragement from the mastermind behind it, the lovely Cavershamjj over at The Propagator blog I've jumped on the bandwagon. 

After my last post (here) about staying motivated in the winter months, participating in Six on Saturday is a great way to look beyond winter being all drab and dreary. 

So without further ado here is my Six on Saturday.

1: Strong willed Anemone's.

I'm amazed to see this Anemone still finding the strength to keep on flowering!
It was a pack from the pound shop and its had a rather good few months of continuous 
flowering and still doesn't show any signs of stopping yet

2: Jewels or Berries?

This year has been a good year for the honeysuckle that's been growing over the ivy. I adore the scent it gives in summer(takes me back to my childhood)  but I also find its berries in autumn/winter beautiful. They are like little jewels that glisten in the low sun, perfect for catching the birds attention to come and have a nibble!

3: Leaves Leaves Leaves!!

My lilac tree is a very good size but it means that come the autumn when I think I've gotten on top of raking/sweeping the leaves up I turn my back and the tree has had a cheeky shake to shed a load more!! I have however decided to use them as leafmould this year after seeing how simple it is to make and its super good stuff to use around the garden. A negative turned into a positive!

4: More Defiance!

I put some pelargoniums into my hanging baskets and whilst the majority of it died off these amazing plants have garried on blooming and I spotted more buds when I checked on them this morning! I wasn't really a fan of these plants but their resilience has made me rethink my original feelings. so much so ive attempted to propagate some (See below!)

5: Sowing & Propagating

I've been a busy bee sowing up some sweet pea's ready for some early blooms next spring and I've tried my hand at propagating some pelargoniums. I'm not very good at getting cuttings to take so I've got everything crossed I can get some to work and will probably do some more!

6: Gardening Indoors

I'm not sure if this breaks the rules as its not in a garden outside hehe BUT as some you may well have already seen I have a lovely obsession building of indoor plants. I've got a great book (The House Plant expert by Dr.D.G.Hessayon) passed down from my mum that's helped me do some research. Mum always had them dotted around the house when I was little but only now am I appreciating them and when I walk past them they make me smile. So even if you think you cant keep a houseplant alive do a little research and give them a go.

So there you have it my very first Six on Saturday. It certainly makes me feel a bit more positive, I hope it makes you feel positive too!!

Until Next Time



  1. Welcome to the gang Nic. The anemone and pelargoniums will hang in there till the first frost. Maybe the anemone will regrow in the spring so just let it die down and see. Good luck with the propagation. There's nowt like the feeling you get when something grows from seeds or cuttings. And the indoors is in the house and the house is in the garden so that's fine.

    1. Thankyou John 😊 I’m hoping the pelargoniums will take they seem happy so far x

  2. That's a varied selection. It's good have some houseplants, especially over the winter. I've got two pots of hyacinths to look forward to. Good luck with the propagating. xx

    1. Thankyou Flighty, propagation has never been my strong point so I’m giving it another go. At least my houseplants can keep me smiling if it doesn’t haha x

  3. You've got such a great variety of colour in your garden now. Lovely. As to indoor plants, they always seem to take more effort than those in the garden. That can't be right, can it . . . but that's how it seems. Yours look great.

    1. Ah yes well they do seem to be a fussy breed these indoor plants but I’m hoping with my research & keeping a close eye on them I can keep them thriving (fingers crossed 😊) x

  4. Welcome to the Six on Saturday family Nicola. Banter and badinage aplenty. Good luck with the cuttings. I have a bunch of pellies on the go too.
    Hope to see you soon with your next Six.

    1. Aww well Thankyou very much for the encouragement to participate Jonathan. It’s a really fabulous thing you have started & this deffo won’t be my last 😊 x