Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Gardeners World Live 50th Birthday

My First ever gardening show of any kind!

Wow, what a day and experience it turned out to be! The 3 hour journey (starting at 6am) was so worth it. I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived, but what greeted me as I entered through the gates completely overwhelmed me. Once me and mum studied the map and got our bearings we headed over to the show gardens. I literally gasped! I had seen them on telly and social media leading up to Sunday but you cant help but feel in awe of the skills and thought processes that go into creating these wonderful gardens that put a huge smile on everyone's faces. There was inspiration for everyone whether you wanted something peaceful & tranquil, practical & space savvy to bold & vibrant or wildlife friendly.

Show Gardens

I had 2 favourites. The 1st was the Anniversary Gardens(By Prof.David Stevens)

The gardens were a real walk down memory lane.I remember some parts of my Nanna & Grandads garden being very similar as well as the garden from my childhood days. They were real family gardens that brought back fond memories.

My second favourite had to be the beautiful 'Romance in the Ruins' (Claudia de Yong for Wyevale Garden Centres).

This really did take my breath away! I loved how it was all so soft not just to the eyes but touch too. It was so natural. No harsh structures or industrial materials. The gentle trickle of water coming down the ruin was a perfect song to guide you under the romantic rustic arches that were surrounded by gentle kisses of pink & purple hues. The whole garden just flowed so peacefully allowing you to take in everything it had to offer. The little benches that were tucked into gorgeous spots offered beautiful angles to gaze upon & spot the hidden creatures. A truly lovely heart warming piece of paradise.

One thing I loved about all the gardens was how relatable they were. They could easily be recaptured back home in our very own gardens. There wasnt anything that was too over the top. They were real homely gardens, exactly how they should be.

The Dominators

I noticed how dominant grasses were in many of the displays. There were so many varieties used that either added softness and height or broke up bolder plants and added texture. I fell in love badly with them and bought two fabulous Stipa Ponytails. Also featured just about everywhere(even in little posies on tables) was the beautiful Astrantia. With plenty of shades to pick from I opted for 'Moulin Rouge' a gentle nod to one of mine & Hubby's favourite love film.

So much Choice!

The Floral Marquee was very dangerous territory! I was like a child in a sweetshop. A massive variety of plants on very impressive displays and also to purchase too. I only wish I had bought the rose that caught my eye when I first saw it. Sadly I missed out when we went back round again, but I am sure we will cross paths again. I did however pick up the beautiful Salvia 'Love&Wishes' used in the 'Romance in the Ruins' garden in the hope to have a little reminder of its beauty.

Beautiful Borders & Barrows

We had a wander outside were we went around the fantastic 'Meal in a Barrow' displays. What an amazing idea and inspired way to get children involved with growing from scratch & learning essential skills that should be compulsory! We then marvelled at the Beautiful Borders. They were definitely a collection of celebrations that were all delightful in their own way. You could really see and feel the past & present throughout. A lovely tribute to celebrate 50 wonderful years of Gardeners world.

An unexpected surprise!

The day was so hot we had to head inside to cool off. We couldn't have timed it any better as we noticed a big gathering around the Potting Shed stage. To my delight & surprise out stepped Monty Don!! I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I got completely star struck. I couldn't believe that little old me was stood watching him in the flesh. He was so honest with how he feels about stepping into such a prestigious role, but I think he definitely holds his own and is a pleasure to watch along with Nigel and Nellie of course! I even got to watch the Skinny Jean Gardener in action on the Vegtrug stage being fabulously energetic and getting the children involved from the audience!

Sad Goodbye but....

After such an amazing day being swept along in the atmosphere and even meeting some lovely guys from Twitter & Gardentags ( Annabelle @Lifeatno27 and Kim Johnson aka Jonners73) it was sadly time to make the journey back home. As sad as I felt about leaving, my heart was full of happiness and ignited with more passion and inspiration! Gardening truly is my therapy and makes me so happy. I hope that others will feel inspired to get into their gardens and embrace everything it has to offer!

Until next time

N x


  1. Awesome blog :) I also went up to Gardeners World Live with my mum and it was our first time at a gardening show too! We had such a great day, I was in complete flower heaven all day, and I loved the Romance in the Ruins show garden as well, it was so beautiful <3 The Floral Marquee was amazing, I'm just glad I had restricted car space otherwise I would've spent a fortune in there! Glad to see you had a great time with your Mum :)
    Jenny (The Happy Planter) x

    1. Thankyou Jenny! It really was fabulous & I think I connected with a lot of it as it was all relatable. Could easily have been people's actual gardens :) we will definitely be going back next year without a doubt! Mum is just as keen Gardener so she was my perfect companion hehe & I purposely took my little Alto so we couldn't put much in it!! Thankyou for spending some time reading my blog I appreciate your kind words xx